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Macy's Miracles

Networking + Educating + Employing

Grass Roots Movement

We began as a grass roots movement when Macy Savoy was faced with a less than ideal employment future after high school graduation. Haley Ahart Keiffer, Macy's Mom, started this organization to improve the lives of others in the special needs community who also desired to live a limitless future.

100% Sponsorship Supported

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we promote the networking, education and employability of special needs individuals.

We thank all of our sponsors who are helping our Macy's Miracles Ambassadors who aspire to go into areas of business, community service, and public speaking.

Our Mentors

A network of CEOs, Spokespersons, Celebrities, Educators, Authors and other business leaders across the nation are working closely with our special needs individuals (MM Ambassadors) to identify their goals for the future.

Macy's Miracles Networking Program

Within our Networking program, we help all of our connected special needs individuals (MM Ambassadors) to expand their goals for the future via a program of mentorship. 

Through frequent community events, our MM Ambassadors build their social, communication and networking skills. The most rewarding part about MM's networking program is that we raise our MM Ambassadors to become mentors to their peers. 

Macy's Miracles Education Program

Within our Education program, we work one-on-one with MM Ambassadors, helping them navigate to the vital resources they will require to achieve their goals and do so with success!

We have worked with some of the most inspiring young men and women as they map out their limitless futures.

Macy's Miracles Employability Program

Within our Employability program, we provide community connections with peers, business owners, sponsors and mentors for employability.

Do you know an extraordinary person who needs recognition?

Connect with us and let's do this together!