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Macy's Miracles was founded in honor of Macy Savoy who was diagnosed with Chromosome 17 partial deletion with a rare seizure disorder and is on the Autism Spectrum. When doctors told Macy's parents that she would never walk or talk, she defied all odds. When the schools systems told her parents the best employment she could expect was less than entry level while being dependent on state funding, she proved them wrong. No child should be limited to their "special abilities" excellence based upon a national average. 

 Macy's Miracles was co-founded with Macy Savoy and her dedicated board in 2016. The purpose of Macy's Miracles is to invest into the lives of Macy's peers that provide them with self sustaining life skills.

Macy's Miracles is breaking the barriers within society and raising the bar for inclusion globally.  

Macy's Miracles has a three-fold focus:

  • Special Needs Mentorship & Entrepreneurial Program
  • STEAM Program thru A.C.E. 
  • Anti-Bullying Initiatives within the Communities