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Macy's Miracles Mentorship Program

Macy's Miracles has a network of CEOs, Spokesperson, Celebrities, Educators, Authors, and more. Through our mentorship program we work closely with the special needs individuals to identify their goals for the future. Our team of dedicated mentors work one on one to navigate our mentees with the vital resources they will require to achieve their goals and do so with success! 

Macy's Miracles has partnered with Night of Superstars to expand our network reach for our "Special Abilities" Superstars.

The most rewarding part about our mentorships program is that we raise our mentees to become mentors to their peers. 

Mentor The Mentor Program

Special Needs Mentees are raised up to become the mentors! Check out our world renowned artist and children's book author, Grant Manier. He is working with other "Special Abilities" children and young adults to create customized story lines within his Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe and Friends 

Book Series.

Macy's Miracles Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program works directly with special needs individuals who have aspirations to go into the areas of business, community service, and public speaking. We have worked with some of the most inspiring young men and woman as they map out their limitless futures.  Through our mentorship program we take our network and invest it into our Mentees to create a net-worth! Our Mentees have defeated all odds, broken all barriers, and achieve higher levels of success than most distinguished individuals.

They did all of this while being diagnosed with Autism, Rare Epilepsy Disorders, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, and Spinal Bifida. Our Mentees have become Global Ambassadors, Renowned Eco Artist, Published Children's Author, Public Speakers, Actors, and even International Beauty Queens! Each one of our Mentees have founded their own 501c3 Non-Profits from Macy's Miracles, Jigsaw Grant, Tori's Treats to TYOC.  If you would like more information on how to get involved in our Entrepreneurial and Mentorship program email us at [email protected] today!